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收藏 纠错 题号:8473364 题型:听力题 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:较易 组卷:4次

例:How much is the shirt?
A. £ 19. 15. B. £ 9. 18. C. £ 9. 15.
1.What does the boy still need to do?
A.Hang up his clothes.
B.Put away his toys.
C.Sweep the floor.
2.What is the woman doing?
A.Making the bed.
B.Fixing the chair.
C.Driving to school.
3.Why is the woman sad?
A.She lost her homework.
B.The man deleted her essay.
C.She forgot to send some emails.
4.What does the man want to know?
A.What time it is.
B.When his train is supposed to leave.
C.Where he can find the boarding hall.
5.Who might Freddy be?
A.The speakers’ son.
B.The speakers’ pet.
C.The speakers’ landlord.

收藏 纠错 题号:8473368 题型:听力题 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:4次

1.Why does Rusty think the new student is poor?
A.She’s not fashionable.
B.Her jeans have holes in them.
C.Her mom gave her old clothes.
2.What does Sally think of Rusty?
A.He is helpful.
B.He is too curious.
C.He is a little behind the times.

收藏 纠错 题号:8473374 题型:听力题 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:4次

1.How did Harriet know the time?
A.From her iPhone.
B.From her watch.
C.From the sun.
2.What does Don think about Harriet’s explanation?
A.It’s wrong.
B.It’s funny.
C.It’s too scientific.

收藏 纠错 题号:8473378 题型:听力题 日期:2018-03-15 试题难度:中等 组卷:4次 引用:2次


1.What is the conversation mainly about?
A.How Alexa killed her plants.
B.Where Alexa planted her plants.
C.Why Alexa kept her house green.
2.What did Alexa do with her yellow plant?
A.She put it in the sunlight.
B.She returned it to the shop.
C.She gave it too much water.
3.What does the man suggest Alexa do?
A.Find out more about plants online.
B.Move all her plants out of the sun.
C.Throw all her plants away.

收藏 纠错 题号:8473384 题型:听力题 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:4次

1.Why doesn’t Sue have the cake?
A.She dislikes it.
B.She’s trying to lose weight.
C.She’s trying to control a medical problem.
2.Who brought the sandwiches?
3.What does Sue really want?
A.A salad.
B.Some seafood.
C.Some hot soup.
4.What will Bill do in a few hours?
A.See a doctor.
B.Go to a restaurant.
C.Talk with the guests.

收藏 纠错 题号:8473388 题型:听力题 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:4次

1.What is the main purpose of the loud noises?
A.To warn people outdoors to get inside.
B.To get people’s attention inside their homes.
C.To inform people without radios about danger.?
2.Who decides to turn on the warning system?
A.Local media.
B.Local officials.
C.The national weather service.
3.Where should people go when they hear a warning?
A.To a window.
B.To a public shelter.
C.To the middle of a building.
4.What is the main topic of the talk?
A.A weather report.
B.A warning system.
C.The safety steps in bad weather.

收藏 纠错 题号:8473425 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:较易 组卷:6次

    With a registration fee of just $ 50 per child, children under the age of 12 can join Eagle Airways' FLY TO THE MOON CLUB as members.
    They can then enjoy the same benefits on board Eagle Airways' newest Boeing-797 to any destination in the world!BENEFITS YOU CAN'T MISS!
●A free flight to any destination in Asia
●30% off any course at Tanya Language School
●20% off any purchase made at Ruby Bookstore
●A free notebook with every purchase above $50 at Starlight Stationery
●A free bowl of dessert for a family of four at Don's Diners with every set dinner ordered
●A birthday gift on your child's birthday
●A free album containing pictures taken during the journey
    All booking made before 12 September will receive free travel insurance for the entire family! Insurance is issued by Live Life Insurance Group.
10% OFF ALL BOOKINGSfor departures from 5 to 11 September 2017
*Child must be accompanied by two paying adults.
**Terms and conditions apply.
1.Which benefit is mentioned in the advertisement?
A.A free flight to any destination in Africa
B.a 20% discount on any course at Tanya Language School
C.20% off any book purchased at Ruby Bookstore
D.a free bowl of dessert at any restaurant
2.Which of the following bookings may receive the most benefits?
Booking dateDeparture date
September 13September 18

Booking dateDeparture date
September 2September 12

Booking dateDeparture date
August 15September 4

Booking dateDeparture date
August 16September 8

3.This passage is probably taken from a(an)_____________

收藏 纠错 题号:8473440 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-09-13 试题难度:中等 组卷:53次 引用:7次


    A young woman sits alone in a café sipping tea and reading a book. She pauses briefly to write in a nearby notepad before showing her words to a passing café waiter: "Where are the toilets please?"This is a familiar scene in Tokyo’s so-called "silent cafés", where customers are not allowed to speak, and only communicate by writing in notepads.
    The concept rises by a desire to be alone among young Japanese, a situation brought by economic uncertainty, a shift in traditional family support structures and the growing social isolation. The phenomenon is not limited to coffee shops but covers everything from silent discos, where participants dance alone wearing wireless headphones connected to the DJ, to products such as small desk tents designed for conversation-free privacy in the office. One Kyoto company even offers single women the opportunity to have a "one woman wedding"—a full bridal affair, complete with white dress and ceremony, and the only thing missing is the groom. The trend has its own media expression-“botchi-zoku”, referring to individuals who consciously choose to do things completely on their own.
    One recent weekday afternoon, Chihiro Higashikokubaru, a 23-year-old nurse, travelled 90 minutes from her home, to Tokyo on her day off in order to enjoy some solo time. Speaking quietly at the entrance of the cafe, Miss Higashikokubaru said: “I heard about this place via Twitter and I like the idea of coming here. I work as a nurse and it's always very busy. There are very few quiet places in Tokyo, and it's a big busy city. I just want to come and sit somewhere quietly on my own. I’m going to drink a cup of tea and maybe do some drawings. I like the idea of a quiet, calm atmosphere.”
    The desire to be isolated is not a new concept in Japan, home to an estimated 3.6 million "hikikomori" - a more extreme example of social recluses(隐士) who withdraw completely from society.
1.What is special about the “silent cafes”?
A.It provides various tea and books.
B.It has attracted many popular young people.
C.It offers service by writing not by speaking
D.People are not allowed to communicate.
2.Which of the following statement can’t account for the idea of being alone in Japan?
A.Unstable economic situation
B.A change in traditional family support pattern
C.The rising demand for privacy
D.The increasing social isolation
3.What do we know about Higashikokubaru?
A.She doesn’t like to be a nurse.
B.She doesn’t like the life in big cities.
C.She travelled to Tokyo on her work days.
D.She enjoys her solo time in a quiet place.
4.What is the best title of the passage?
A.Lonely Japanese
B.One woman wedding
C.Social recluses in Japan
D.Silent cafes

收藏 纠错 题号:8473446 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:7次

    In March, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ended a decade-long citywide ban on cellphone in public schools and left them to make up their own rules because he argued that by denying access for some students, the city was exacerbating (使加重) the achievement gap in students’ performance.
    Two researchers from the London School of Economics, Richard Murphy and Louis Philippe Beland argued that this might have the opposite effect because students are not generally using their phones to assist in their classroom work during school. “Schools could significantly reduce the education achievement gap by prohibiting cellphones use in schools, and so by allowing phones in schools, New York may unintentionally increase the inequalities of outcomes,” they told CNN.
    However, some educators have come to embrace the technology in their students’ pockets. Teacher Ken Halla has been teaching world history and Advanced Placement for 22years but his students’ cellphone ownership forced him to adapt to his classroom dynamics where he no longer is the single authority lecturing, according to the National Education Association (NEA). He now roams (漫步) the classroom and encourages students to use their cellphones to help them complete their assignments, this way they are less likely to let their devices distract themselves.
    “It’s harder to do negative behavior when the phones are out and the teacher is walking around.” Mr Halla told the NEA. “I’ve always been that type of person who likes to adapt and change as time goes on. Otherwise, I wouldn’t still be teaching many years down the road.”
1.Why did Bill de Blasio stop the ban on cellphones in New York public schools?
A.Because it negatively affected students’ health.
B.ecause it negatively affected students’ health.B. Because it limited most students’ progress.
C.Because it enlarged academic gap among students.
D.Because it was requested by parents and students.
2.What did the two researchers think of New York’s act?
3.What is Halla’s class like?
A.Students can solve problems using cellphones.
B.Students can use cellphones at will.
C.The class focused on how to use cellphones.
D.He is the only center of the entire class.
4.What does the underlined phrase in the last paragraph refer to?
A.A sympathetic one.
B.A humorous one.
C.An easy-going one.
D.An open-minded one.

收藏 纠错 题号:8473453 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-04-08 试题难度:中等 组卷:11次 引用:2次

Psychologists take opposing views of how external (外部的) rewards, from warm praise to cold cash, affect motivation and creativity. Behaviorists, who study the relation between actions and their consequences, argue that rewards can improve performance at work and school. Some other researchers who study various aspects of mental life, state that rewards often destroy creativity by encouraging dependence on approval and gifts from others.
    The latter view has gained many supporters, especially among educators. But the careful use of small monetary rewards inspires creativity in grade-school children, according to a study in the June Journal Personality and Social Psychology.
    “If they know they're working for a reward and can focus on a relatively challenging task, they show the most creativity,” says Robert Esenberger of the University of Delaware in Newark. “But it's easy to kill creativity by giving rewards for poor performance or creating too much expectation for rewards.”
    Esenberger holds the view that a teacher who continually draws attention to rewards or who hands out high grades for ordinary achievement ends up with uninspired students. As an example of the latter point, he notes growing efforts to tighten grading standards and restore falling grades at major universities.
    In earlier grades, the use of so-called token economics, in which students handle challenging problems and receive performance-based points towards valued rewards, shows promise in raising effort and creativity, the Delaware psychologist claims.
1.Psychologists are divided about their attitudes toward ____.
A.the choice between moral encouragement and monetary rewards
B.the appropriate amount of external rewards
C.the study of relationship between actions and consequences
D.the effects of external rewards on students' performance
2.Which of the following can best raise students' creativity according to Robert Esenberger?
A.Assigning them tasks they have not dealt with before.
B.Assigning them tasks which require inventiveness.
C.Giving them rewards they really deserve.
D.Giving them rewards they expect.
3.The phrase “token economics” in Para5 probably refers to______________
A.ways to develop economics
B.systems of rewarding students
C.approaches to solving complex problems
D.methods of improving performance
4.What is the author’s attitude towards the topic?

收藏 纠错 题号:8473459 题型:七选五 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:较易 组卷:9次

    You might be reading this article and saying, “Hey, that sounds just like me!”①.Now you can start taking steps to lessen your test anxiety. Here are some ways to do that:
    Ask for help
    ②.Just talking to someone about test anxiety can make you feel better. Describe what happens to you when you’re taking a test and these people can help you figure out some solutions.③.
    Be prepared
    Pay attention in class. Do your homework. Study for the test. On test day, you’re more likely to feel like you know the material.
    Watch out for any negative messages you might be sending yourself about the test. These thoughts can make anxiety worse and make it harder for you to do well in the test.
    Accept mistakes
    Everyone makes mistakes. Be more forgiving of your own mistakes, especially if you prepared for the test and are set to do your best.Breathe betterOK, so you already know how to breathe. But did you know that breathing exercises can help calm you down? Here’s how to do it. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. ⑤.
A. Block bad thoughts.
B. With the aid of them, you may have more confidence on your test-day.
C. If so, we’re glad you recognize that this happens to you.
D. Be more careful.
E. It means you have the same interest.
F. Talk to your mom or dad, your teacher, or your school guidance counselor.
G. Do this several times and you might breathe more easily the next time you’re taking a test!   

收藏 纠错 题号:8473479 题型:完形填空 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:13次

阅读下面的短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。    I have always felt regret for giving up on music lessons at the age of 8. So I     1    that my children should learn to play the piano.
    Practicing was    2    difficult to my daughter. I bribed(贿赂) and demanded, but nothing    3    her that practicing the piano was for her own good. On one particularly difficult day,     4    she became extremely angry, I told her, “You’ll thank me one day.” With tears     5    down her face, she replied, “Mom, I promise I will never thank you for    6    me play the piano.”
    But when she moved away from home, she sent me the letter that every mother dreamed of. She thanked me, not for making her play the piano,    7    for doing her washing over the years and     8    thousands of dinners and teaching her how to clean a room. She wanted me to know that all that hard work had not gone    9    . When she had to do all those things on her own, she appreciated how much I had done for her. After reading the words, I was in tears.
    Nothing gives me more    10    than cooking a good meal for my children or    11    up late into the night to help them     12    a difficult Calculus (微积分学) class problem. But often I    13     : Do they appreciate that their mother, who hasn’t taken a Calculus class for 30 years, is still    14    to help them work out the problem?We often live our life without noticing what others do for us and    15    that we live in happiness.
    We should never     16    the power of a thankful heart and the impact our gratefulness can have on another person. Our appreciation need not    17    a party or a plate of cookies. A short,   18    thank-you note doesn’t cost anything. It just takes little effort but it can mean the   19    to someone.
    It’s nice to hear my children’s     20    now and then.
1.A.compromised    B.determined    C.understood    D.conveyed
2.A.especially    B.abnormally    C.hardly    D.increasingly
3.A.guaranteed    B.reminded    C.promised    D.convinced
4.A.once    B.until    C.if    D.when
5.A.streaming    B.floating    C.bleeding    D.weeping
6.A.teaching    B.making    C.helping    D.seeing
7.A.or    B.but    C.only    D.also
8.A.extending    B.requesting    C.cooking    D.enjoying
9.A.unnoticed    B.unexpected    C.unpaid    D.uncovered
10.A.brightness    B.happiness    C.fitness    D.kindness
11.A.taking    B.blowing    C.staying    D.adding
12.A.give out    B.pick out    C.figure out    D.turn out
13.A.say    B.wonder    C.regret    D.gossip
14.A.outstanding    B.easy-going    C.charming    D.willing
15.A.confirming    B.bringing    C.sharing    D.realizing
16.A.ignore    B.have    C.exercise    D.appreciate
17.A.come with    B.deal with    C.come up    D.set up
18.A.heat-treated    B.heart-felt    C.heaven-sent    D.hand-picked
19.A.commitment    B.possession    C.world    D.earth
20.A.attraction    B.distinction    C.contribution    D.appreciation

收藏 纠错 题号:8473489 题型:短文填空 日期:2018-04-08 试题难度:中等 组卷:19次 引用:2次

阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。
    Even if you have already seen dozens of sports movies, Dangal is still ①(attract) and inspiring than any others. This is because it is as much a story ②it is about a complex father-daughter relationship. The Bollywood movie, ③(release) on the Chinese mainland on May 5th, is an instant big hit. It tells the story of a father,④struggles to turn his daughters into award-winning⑤(athlete) after abandoning his dream of being ⑥international wrestling (摔跤) champion. What on earth makes this movie so special? The reason ⑦its success is that many audience find ⑧own connection to the movie. It ⑨(become) the most popular Indian movie in China during the past few years,⑩(make) more than 100 million yuan.      

收藏 纠错 题号:8473502 题型:短文改错 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:9次

1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;
2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。
    Last Monday, well preparing for a business trip, my father said goodbye to my mother and me. He would be away for three days. Just on the next morning, I found my mother out of conditions. She had cold. I immediately went to get her some medicine, or cooked some noodles for her. Under my specially care, my mother recovered quickly. When my father come back home, my mother told him that had happened. He praised me for my take good care of my mother.
    I feel very happy that I have done everything for my mother.

收藏 纠错 题号:8473509 题型:书面表达 日期:2018-01-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:4次

假定你是李华,你的英国朋友Tim 很喜欢中央电视台去年首播的《中国诗词大会》(the Chinese Poetry Competition )这档电视节目,并想学习中国古诗词,请给他写封邮件,
  1. 1.节目简介;
  2. 2.学习古诗词的建议。
  3. 注意:
  4. 1.词数100左右;
  5. 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。
  6. ____________________________________________________________________________
  7. ____________________________________________________________________________
  8. ____________________________________________________________________________



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