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收藏 纠错 题号:8698165 题型:听力题 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:中等 组卷:32次 引用:2次

1. How's the weather now?
A. Rainy  
B. Fine 
C. Windy
2. When was the woman speaker born?
A. In February  
B. In March 
C. In April
 3. What's Laura doing?
A. Working 
B. Playing soccer 
C. Reading
4. What kind of clothes will Sandy wear?
A. A white shirt 
B. A black dress 
C. A white coat
5. Who is the woman probably speaking to?
A. A driver  
B. An artist 
C. A doctor
6. How much will the man pay?
7. Where does the conversation probably take place?
A. In a post office
 B, In a zoo
C. In a bank
Where did Carla go last night?
A. To her friend's house
B. To her cousin's house
C. To her mom's house
9. How did Carla like chicken?
A. She couldn't stand it
B. She didnt mind it
C. She enjoyed it a lot
10. What food came out at last?
A. A tomato pie
B. A chocolate pie
C. An apple pie
11. Whose birthday is it next month?
A. Kelly’s dad's
B. Kelly’s
C. Kelly's mum’s
12. How are Kellys family going to London?
A. By plane
B. By train
C. By subway
13. Why do Kelly’s family plan to walk to the Design Museum from the hotel?
A. Because they want to take exercise
B. Because the hotel is near the museum
C. Because they want to see the sights around
14. What are Kelly's family going to do this Saturday?
A. To visit Big Ben
B. To go shopping
C. To play in the park.
15. How does Kelly probably feel about the coming vacation?
A. It'll be terrible
B. It'll be dull
C. It'Il be exciting

收藏 纠错 题号:8698189 题型:完形填空 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:中等 组卷:48次 引用:2次

    My son Daniel began surfing at the age of 13. After school each day he put on his wet suit and waited to be challenged by three-to-six-foot waves. Daniels love for the ride was tested one     1     afternoon.
    “ Your son' s been in an accident,” the lifeguard(生员) reported to my     2     Mike over the phone hurriedly. “    3     he came up to the top of the water, the point of the board was headed toward his eye.”
     Mike rushed our son to the hospital. He     4     26 stitches(缝全) from the corner of his eye to the bridge of his nose.
    I was     5     home from a meeting while Daniels eye was being stitched. Mike drove     6     to the airport after they eft the doctors office. He greeted     7     at the gate while Daniel was waiting in the car. Daniel? "I questioned. I remember thinking the     8     must have been terrible that day.
   “He’s been in an accident, but he’s going to be fine. "Mike comforted me.
    I ran to the car. My son reached out both arms, crying, Oh, Mom, Im so glad you re home.1 sobbed(抽泣) in his arms, telling him how     9     I felt about not being there when the lifeguard called.
  “It's okay, Mom,”he said. “I'll be fine. The doctor said can go back in the water in eight days.” Was he     10     I wanted to tell him that he wasnt allowed to go near water again until he was 35, but     11     I controlled myself-He kept asking me to let him go back on the     12     for the next seven days. One day after I     13    “ No”to him for the 100th time, he beat me at my own game.
   “ Mom, you taught us never to     14     what we love.”
    I gave in. Back then Daniel was just a boy with deep     15     for surfing. Now he is among the top 25 surfers in the world.
1.A.unusual    B.boring    C.amazing    D.relaxing
2.A.brother    B.uncle    C.husband    D.father
3.A.If    B.When    C.Unless    D.Though
4.A.avoided    B.changed    C.received    D.discovered
5.A.flying    B.driving    C.boating    D.walking
6.A.suddenly    B.happily    C.comfortably    D.directly
7.A.her    B.them    C.us    D.me
8.A.waves    B.dreams    C.clouds    D.suggestions
9.A.brave    B.lucky    C.awful    D.proud
10.A.busy    B.crazy    C.friendly    D.polite
11.A.instead    B.already    C.even    D.often
12.A.plane    B.bed    C.board    D.chair
13.A.posted    B.offered    C.threw    D.repeated
14.A.find out    B.give up    C.hand out    D.pick up
15.A.love    B.fear    C.sadness    D.regret

收藏 纠错 题号:8698197 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:较易 组卷:38次 练习:1次 引用:2次

Give the gift of reading!
The charity drive (慈善活动) is to support children at Grace Orphanage (孤儿院).
Help develop and inspire (激励) out children through reading!
18th & 19th August 2018
9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Room 202,Loyang Gardens Clubhouse
Donate(捐赠) books Suitable far children hvm 5 to 12 ysen old!
All kinds of books
Fiction, Non-fiction, Magazines, Comics, Textbooks, Picture books, etc.
    Do your part to help these children at Grace Orphanage. We believe you are willing to donatea few of your used books for the charity drive. You can write your name on your books andgive them to the volunteers on duty. Not only that, you can also meet some famous peoplefrom Mat Yo-Yo children's program on Youth Sports Channel of Otar Television. They willbe giving a wonderful performance on Sunday. 19th August 2018 at 10:30 a.m. Don't missthis great chance to meet our local performers!
Thank you for your kindness!
1.The purpose of the charity drive for Grace Orphanage is to _____
A.encourage children through reading
B.teach children to draw pictures
C.introduce some local performers
D.raise money for children aged 5 to 12
2.According to the text, we can _____ in the charity drive.
A.play yo-yo with the volunteers
B.give away used books to kids
C.watch performances on Saturday
D.enjoy children's TV programs
3.The text might be ________
A.a news report
B.a meeting notice
C.an advertisement
D.a science story

收藏 纠错 题号:8698206 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:中等 组卷:40次 练习:1次 引用:2次

    17-year-old Brennan Agranoff,a colorblind boy,started his custom sock business in middle school,withnall loan (贷款)he got from his Parents. Up till now,he has sold over I million worth of socks onlinein the last four years Brennan thought of the idea for his custom sock company at just 13 years old. He was attending a highschool basketball game in his hometown of Sherwood,Oregon,and noticed that many kids his age werewearing the same white Nike sport socks. The boy told himself that if these white plain socks were so popularwith kids, then some cool custom designs would surely be an even greater hit.
    But the boy didn't tell his parents about the business idea immediately. He spent six months researchingthings like printing machines and technology and drawing up a business plan. Only when he had everythingplanned out did he ask his parents for a loan."They thought the idea was a little out there,"Brennan recentlytold CNN Money, but he kept pushing, and finally received a S 3, 000 loan to start his company. Then hebegan to work on his own designs. The fact that he was colorblind didnt stop him and he has created over 200designs now.
     Business was slow the first year, but then Brennan started pushing his Hoopswagg products heavily onthe Internet. Orders soon started coming in in large numbers, and Hoopswagg became a popular brancag custom sock lovers. Right now, his designs can be found on Hoopswagg website, Amazon and ebaamo four years after starting his business, Brennan has achieved great success while balancing(平衡) schoolhouse chores and his social life. And he says he loved every minute of it.
1.The second paragraph mainly tells us how Brennan _______
A.designed his custom socks
B.got his business idea
C.organized the basketball match
D.managed his company
2.To start his business, Brennan _______
A.bought some Nike socks
B.made a business plan
C.asked teachers for advice
D.got money from friends
3.It can be inferred(推断) from the passage that Brennan _______
A.got no support from his parents
B.busy to do house cho
C.stopped designing because of his eyes
D.enjoyed both his study and business
4.Which word can best describe Brennan according to the passage?

收藏 纠错 题号:8698213 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:中等 组卷:41次 练习:1次 引用:2次

    Every night in Jinan University in Guangahou, a group of students plays diabolo(空竹) as a crowd watches on in amazement.
    Chen Zhelun,25,a malaysian-chinese started the diabolo club, which helps to increase the popularity of this traditional Chinese game. He is one of many students expressing their interest in the country's cultural heritage(遗产) by starting clubs.
    The diabolo, which came from China, is popular among Chinese living in Malaysia.
    “We played diabolo from primary school onward. I thought I could find someone to   play with in China, but only a few students knew about it. So I started a club to develop it.” says Chen.
    To Chena surprise, the old game has interested a huge crowd-more than 1,000 students have joined the club.
    “It keeps your body strong and it's fun, "says Chet prefer quieter activities. Every weekend, one classroom in Shenzhen University is alwayscrowded, but it's unusually silent. The members of Lanting Calligraphy Club are writing Chinese characterswith traditional brushes
Fan Dongling, 21, a student in Shenzhen University, says it's a shame that young people no longer enjoythe beauty of Chinese characters.
    Although her club is quiet, Fan says it keeps members healthy, mentally and physically Stiva.
    Christmas or Valentines Day, but they seldom pay attention to traditional ones, "says Kong Yanquan, 21, astudent in Guangxi University.
    As head of the traditional Chinese local operas club, Kong plans to put modern elements(元素)intotraditional culture to get students to join his club
    I think it's everyones duty to save and develop china's traditional culture among young people, "he says.
1.The passage is organized by giving three ______.
2.The underlined word“It" in Paragraph6 refers to(指代) _______
A.watching diabolo shows
B.playing diabolo
C.talking about old games
D.going to primary school
3.It can be learned from the passage that Fan Dongling ________
A.comes from Malaysia
B.is good at local operas
C.loves quiet activities
D.is interested in sports
4.Kong Yanquan advises young people to________
A.practice writing Chinese characters
B.celebrate Western festivals
C.pay attention to traditional culture
D.make friends with the elders

收藏 纠错 题号:8698219 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:较难 组卷:45次 引用:2次

    Technology is everywhere. We see it any place we go and, in fact, almost all of us carry some piece oftechnology with us every time we leave the house. What I always forget, though, is just how useful andpowerful technology can be when we want to help others
    There is not a single room in my house that does not have some electronic devices(设备) lying around init. Whenever I am at home, I am almost always using at least one electronic device. If you walked into myliving room on any given day, you would find that, first, I have the television on. At the same time, I usuallyhave my laptop resting on my knee, or I will be using my mobile phone, Even when i'm not at home I amalways using my phone, and at work or in cafes, I sit down and connect to the local wireless network on myipcop.
    I must say that I waste a lot of time on the computer and the time I spend on it could be much betterspent if I were to take up a little online volunteering
    The technology we carry about everywhere can have a great power to do good for the world and to helpothers and recently I discovered just how much online volunteering there is to do in the world. From usingyour language skills to do translations, to developing and managing projects and helping with IT work, thereis so much that so many people can do to help people in their own countries and across the world. The United Nations, in fact, has a huge page with "Volunteers Recruited" on its website.
    This work can support the poor and help charities who cannot pay for staff. Many organizations onlyrequire you to work an hour a week-some even less. And the support provided by online volunteers can reallyhelp make a difference to those in need.
1.From Paragraph 2, we can know that the writer ______
A.uses technology a lot
B.works in a cafe
C.is a computer engineer
D.likes modern music
2.The underlined word Recruited"in Paragraph 4 means“_________”
3.In the writers opinion, people should spend more time ______ with technology.
A.working on computer programs
B.keeping the Internet safe
C.inventing electronic products
D.helping people in need
4.What can be the best title for the passage?
A.Website Design
B.Internet Organizations
C.Online Volunteering
D.Online Translation

收藏 纠错 题号:8698238 题型:填空题 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:中等 组卷:11次 练习:1次

thirsty   her   grape   since   produce
1.How sweet thesetaste!
2.Drink whenever you feel during exert.cise.
3.That's not mary's son.has a round face.
4.Tea isin many different areas in China.
5.we've been friendswe were at school together.

收藏 纠错 题号:8698260 题型:填空题 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:中等 组卷:41次 练习:1次 引用:2次

    Curt von Badinski is an engineer of a company in San Francisco. ①(然而), his home is in Los Angeles, which is 770 ②(英里) away from his workplace, so he has to take a plane work and back.Every workday morning, von Badinski gets up at 5 a.m. for the 15-minute drive to the airport. After ③(停放) his car, he goes straight to take the plane. After a90- minute flight,he ④(着陆)at Oakland Airport and drives to his company. The ⑤(整个的)trip takes him about 3 hours.
    Von Badinski pays the airline 2, 300 dollars monthly so that he can fly ⑥(自由地)at any time toand from San Francisco Flying to work every day is not ⑦(容易的)for von Badinski because he can only sleep five hoursevery night, but he believes ⑧(没有什么) could be more important to him than his family. He hadabout sever always to solve the problem, ⑨(包括)moving his family to San Francisco, butnone of them worked.
     The six hour round trip shows that I have the ⑩(能力)to have all the things I want, "heexplains. "I am always excited to start a new day.

收藏 纠错 题号:8698288 题型:填空题 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:中等 组卷:40次 引用:2次

    This is Tammela School, a primary school in Finland. The students are having a math class with their robot teacher. The “teacher” is ① small, blue machine about 25cm high, Reuters reported. Whenever students have problems, it helps them very ②(patient) and never gets bored.“The robot can make students ③(active) in class than usual. I see Elias as one of the ④(tool) to get different kinds of practice and activities into the classroom,” a teacher told Reuters.So far the school ⑤(introduce) four robot teachers, one of whom is a language teacher that can speak 23 languages and dance to music. “⑥ is necessary to encourage kids to come up ⑦ new ways to make use of technology in school life,” the head of the school ⑧(add) in the interview.The robot teachers are used ⑨(help) improve learning. This doesn’t mean that human teachers will lose their jobs. The robots can teach well, ⑩ they are not able to keep class in order. The school still needs human teachers.

收藏 纠错 题号:8698306 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:中等 组卷:38次 练习:1次 引用:2次

Are You Ready For High School?
    If you can do these things by the time you go to high school, you'll get on well with others in higihool
    A little respect (尊重)goes a long way. don' t help yourself to her personal things in the room, and lether know if you plan to treat friends there. If you don't feel like you’re being treated fairly, have a talk face .
    The first meeting with someone really does matter. To make an immediate connection, look a personthe eye and give a firm handshake. Keep eye contact while you're chatting and mention the persorwhen saying goodbye.
    One study found that holding something in can make you feel lonely and sad. So for your healthfriendships, write down the secret in a safe place instead of talking about others in public.
    If someone did something nice for you-a gift, some help, nows the time to take out your pen! Sendingthe person a handwritten note card within 48 hours afterward is a sign that you really have it together.A.
A.Keep a Secret
B.Be the Best Roommate
C.Make a Great First Impression
D.Write a Fantastic Thank You Note.
2.Please give one more suggestion on how to get on well with others.(回答不多于5个单词)

收藏 纠错 题号:8698327 题型:写作题 日期:2018-07-24 试题难度:中等 组卷:34次 引用:2次

你校英语社团正在开展主题为“ How do students find study partners?”的讨论,为此你采访了一些学生,请你根据下表内容用英语写一篇短文进行交流,并说明你自己的方式及理由。
参考词汇:学伴 study partner方便的convenient
短文首句: I have recently done a survey about how students find study partners.



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