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    Still seeking a destination for your weekend break?There are some places which are probably a mere walk away from your college.
    King's Art Centre
    A day at the Centre could mean a visit to an exhibition of the work of one of the most interesting contemporary artists on show anywhere. This weekend sees the opening of an exhibition of four local artists.
    You could attend a class teaching you how to ‘learn from the masters’ or get more creative with paint—free of charge.
    The Centre also runs two life drawing classes for which there is a small fee.
    The Botanic Garden
    The Garden has over 8,000 plant species;it holds the research and teaching collection of living plants for Cambridge University.
    The multi-branched Torch Aloe here is impressive. The African plant produces red flowers above blue­green leaves,and is not one to miss.
    Get to the display house to see Dionaea muscipula,a plant more commonly known as the Venus Flytrap that feeds on insects and other small animals.
    The Garden is also a place for wildlife­enthusiasts. Look for grass snakes in the lake. A snake called ‘Hissing Sid’ is regularly seen lying in the heat of the warm sun.
    Byron's Pool
    Many stories surround Lord Byron's time as a student of Cambridge University. Arriving in 1805,he wrote a letter complaining that it was a place of “mess and drunkenness”.However,it seems as though Byron did manage to pass the time pleasantly enough. I'm not just talking about the pet bear he kept in his rooms. He spent a great deal of time walking in the village.
    It is also said that on occasion Byron swam naked by moonlight in the lake,which is now known as Byron's Pool. A couple of miles past Grantchester in the south Cambridgeshire countryside,the pool is surrounded by beautiful circular paths around the fields. The cries of invisible birds make the trip a lovely experience and on the way home you can drop into the village for afternoon tea. If you don't trust me,then perhaps you'll take it from Virginia Woolf—over a century after Byron,she reportedly took a trip to swim in the same pool.
1.As mentioned in the passage,there is a small charge for ______.
A.attending the masters' class
B.working with local artists
C.learning life drawing
D.seeing an exhibition
2.“Torch Aloe” and “Venus Flytrap” are ______.
A.common insects
B.impressive plants
C.rarely-seen snakes
3.We can infer from the passage that Byron seemed ______.
A.to fear pet bears
B.to like walking
C.to be a heavy drinker
D.to finish university in 1805
4.In the passage Byron's Pool is described as a lake ______.
A.surrounded by fields
B.owned by Lord Byron
C.located in Grantchester
D.discovered by Virginia Woolf
5.What is the passage mainly about?
A.Some places for weekend break.
B.A way to become creative in art.
C.The colourful life in the countryside.
D.Unknown stories of Cambridge University

收藏 纠错 题号:1077297 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-12-29 试题难度:中等 组卷:56次 练习:1次 引用:15次 正确率:100%

    Using too much water or throwing rubbish into our rivers are clear ways that humans can put our water supply in danger, but we also affect our water supply in less obvious ways. You may wonder how paving(铺砌) a road can lead to less useable fresh water. A major part of the water we use every day is groundwater. Groundwater does not come from lakes or rivers.It comes from underground. The more roads and parking lots we pave,the less water can flow into the ground to become groundwater.
    Human activity is not responsible for all water shortages(短缺).Drier climates are of course more likely to have droughts(干旱) than areas with more rainfall, but in any case,good management can help to make sure there is enough water to meet our basic needs.
    Thinking about the way we use water every day can make a big difference,too.In the United States,a family of four can use 1.5 tons of water a day! This shows how much we depend on water to live, but there’s a lot we can do to lower the number.
    You can take steps to save water in your home.To start with,use the same glass for your drinking water all day.Wash it only once a day. Run your dishwasher(洗碗机) only when it is full. Help your parents fix any leaks in your home.You can even help to keep our water supply clean by recycling batteries instead of throwing them away.
1.Which of the following is most likely to lead to less groundwater?
A.Using river water.
B.Throwing batteries away.
C.Paving parking lots.
D.Throwing rubbish into lakes.
2.What can be inferred from the text?
A.All water shortages are due to human behavior.
B.It takes a lot of effort to meet our water needs.
C.There is much we can do to reduce family size.
D.The average family in America makes proper use of water.
3.The last paragraph is intended to              .
A.show us how to fix leaks at home
B.tell us how to run a dishwasher
C.prove what drinking glass is best for us
D.suggest what we do to save water at home
4.The text is mainly about             .
A.why paving roads reduces our water
B.how much we depend on water to live
C.why droughts occur more in dry climates
D.how human activity affects our water supply

收藏 纠错 题号:8793853 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-10-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:1次

    What makes a gift special?Is it the price you see on the gift receipt?Or is it the look on the recipient's face when they receive it that determines the true value?What gift is worth the most?
    This Christmas I was debating what to give my father. My dad is a hard person to buy for because he never wants anything. I pulled out my phone to read a text message from my mom saying that we were leaving for Christmas shopping for him when I came across a message on my phone that I had locked. The message was from my father. My eyes fell on a photo of a flower taken in Wyoming,and underneath a poem by William Blake. The flower,a lone dandelion standing against the bright blue sky,inspired me .My dad had been reciting those words to me since I was a kid. That may even be the reason why I love writing .I decided that those words would be my gift to my father.
    I called back. I told my mom to go without me and that I already created my gift. I sent the photo of the cream-colored flower to my computer and typed the poem on top of it. As I was arranging the details another poem came to mind. The poem was written by Edgar Allan Poe;my dad recited it as much as he did the other. I typed that out as well and searched online for a background to the words of it. The poem was focused around dreaming,and after searching I found the perfect picture. The image was painted with blues and greens and purples,twisting together to create the theme and wonder of a dream. As I watched both poems passing through the printer,the white paper coloring with words that shaped my childhood. I felt that this was a gift that my father would truly appreciate.
    Christmas soon arrived. The minute I saw the look on my dad's face as he unwrapped those swirling black letters carefully placed in a cheap frame,I knew I had given the perfect gift.
1.The idea for a special gift began to form when the author was ______.
A.doing shopping
B.having a debate
C.reading a message
D.leaving for Wyoming
2.The author's inspiration for the gift came from ______.
A.a photo of a flower
B.a story about a kid
C.a call from the mother
D.a text about Christmas
3.The author made the gift by ______.
A.searching for the poems online
B.drawing the background by hand
C.painting the letters in three colors
D.matching the words with pictures

收藏 纠错 题号:8374012 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-10-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:2次

   “People are ruder today because they are rushed and more ‘time poor’ than ever before,” says Patsy Rowe, "Manners have fallen off the radar (雷达),"Due to our strong attraction to electronic equipment it is a wonder more people don’t wake up each morning and greet the singing birds with a complaint (抱怨)about the noise. Here are some examples of rudeness.
   Some people prefer to do almost everything over the Internet. To them, dealing with an actual human is like an evolutionary step backward. It feels very slow because humans don’t work at 4G speeds. When you have dinner with friends,you will often notice someone paying more attention to his mobile phone. We have programmed ourselves to think that every new message brings life-changing news,so taking calls and checking our texts are more important than talking to the people we are with. What is worse, some people even tend to send anonymous (匿名的)rude messages by e-mail.
   However,rudeness is never acceptable. Don’t assume it is OK to be rude if the person you’re in touch with won’t recognize you. If you have something awful to say, have the courage to face the person and say it, write a letter or e-mail and sign it, or forget it. Upsetting people with unsigned messages is cruel and disgusting.
   We shouldn’t blame technology for our shortcomings. Technology is here to help us,but we should not allow it to take over our lives. An important step is acknowledging our shortcomings. People spend a lot of time pointing out bad manners but it would be even more helpful if weM publicly acknowledge good manners when we see them.
1.What can be inferred from the underlined sentence in Paragraph 1?
A.People can tell good from bad behavior.
B.Radar is able to observe human behavior.
C.People care little about their behavior.
D.Radar can be used to predict human behavior.
2.Some people are less willing to deal with humans because_____.
A.they are becoming less patient
B.they are growing too independent
C.they have to handle many important messages
D.they have to follow an evolutionary step backward
3.The author thinks sending unsigned awful messages is_____.

收藏 纠错 题号:8793861 题型:七选五 日期:2018-10-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:2次

    The impression you make at the beginning of an interview(面试)is very important. Employers often decide to hire someone in the first three minutes of the interview. They judge you by your appearance, attitude and manners (礼貌).
    A friendly smile when you walk into the room is important. ①
    When you introduce yourself, make eye contact (接触) with the interviewer. ②Others don’t.
    Try to be as natural as possible. ③ The way you sit, walk, gesture, use your voice and show feelings on your face is all part of your body language. It makes the interviewer know how you feel about yourself and the situation you are in.
    ④If you don’t understand a question, ask the interviewer to repeat or explain.
    Almost everyone is nervous in a job interview. Interviewers know that. ⑤ But they expect you to try to control your nervousness. They expect you to show confidence in your ability to do the job.
    At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for her or his time.
A. Some interviewers offer a handshake.
B. They don’t expect you to be totally calm and relaxed.
C. But pay attention to your body language.
D. All of the employers are very serious.
E. A smile shows a confident and positive (积极的) attitude.
F. Listen to questions carefully.
G. Don’t interrupt the interviewer

收藏 纠错 题号:8793879 题型:完形填空 日期:2018-10-12 试题难度:中等 组卷:2次

阅读下面的短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项.
    A senior monk and a junior monk were traveling together. One day, they came to a     1     with a strong current. As the monks were     2     to cross the river, they saw a very young and beautiful woman. She asked if they could help her     3     to the other side.
    The two monks glanced at one another because they had     4     not to have physical contact with women.
    Then, without a word, the older monk     5     the woman, carried her across the river,     6     her gently on the other side, and carried on his journey.
    The younger monk couldn’t believe     7     had just happened. After rejoining his companion, he was     8    , and several hours passed without a word between them.
        9    , the younger monk couldn’t contain himself any longer, and asked, “As monks, we are not permitted to have body contact with a woman; how could you then     10     that woman?”
    The     11     monk looked at him and replied, “Brother, I set her down on the other side of the river, why are you     12     carrying her?”
    This simple Zen story has a beautiful message about living in the     13     moment. How often do we carry around past     14    , holding onto dislikes when the only person we are really     15     is ourselves?
    We all     16     times in life when other people say things or     17     in a way that does harm to us. We can     18     to think carefully over past actions or events, but it will finally weigh us down and use up our energy.
    Instead, we can choose to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore and     19     on the present moment. Until we can find a level of peace and     20     in the present circumstances of our lives, we will never be content, because “now” is all we will ever have.
1.A.river    B.hole    C.bank    D.sea
2.A.hoping    B.preparing    C.complaining    D.taking
3.A.fly    B.jump    C.cross    D.dive
4.A.analyzed    B.answered    C.protected    D.promised
5.A.picked up    B.walked away    C.threw over    D.turned down
6.A.passed    B.directed    C.placed    D.fixed
7.A.which    B.where    C.how    D.what
8.A.sad    B.speechless    C.nervous    D.afraid
9.A.Originally    B.Hesitantly    C.Madly    D.Finally
10.A.carry    B.fetch    C.ship    D.point
11.A.strange    B.senior    C.cute    D.quiet
12.A.just    B.ever    C.still    D.always
13.A.past    B.permanent    C.complex    D.present
14.A.happiness    B.pain    C.disease    D.performance
15.A.touching    B.enjoying    C.changing    D.hurting
16.A.go through    B.get through    C.go for    D.get up
17.A.type    B.behave    C.involve    D.settle
18.A.pretend    B.refuse    C.choose    D.hesitate
19.A.concentrate    B.depend    C.put    D.move
20.A.kindness    B.surprise    C.happiness    D.impression

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    There once were a goat and a donkey ①lived on a farm. The donkey worked the hardest so the farmer fed it the most ②. Sometimes the donkey was given more food ③it could eat. This made the goat so jealous ④it began plotting against (谋划对付) the donkey. "Hey, donkey," the goat said one day. "I think you do too much work on this farm. You carry such heavy things from morning to night. Why don't you pretend ⑤(get ) sick so you can take a day ⑥?'' The donkey thought the goat had a great idea. So the next morning, the donkey lay in the stable(畜栏) on its side with its eyes ⑦(close ) . Right away, the farmer called the doctor. ⑧looking at the donkey, the doctor said it needed a special medicine made ⑨the heart of a goat. So the farmer killed ⑩goat and gave the donkey medicine made from its heart.

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假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10 处语言错误,
1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;
2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。
     Last night it snowed heavy. When Susan and I got up this morning, we found it the whole garden was covered with thick snow. So we decided clear the path. We got two spades but began our work at once. We both worked so hard that the path was clear soon. See this, our father felt very surprising. He smiled happily at us, telling us that we have done a good job and that he was proud for us. Finally my father gave us some pocket money as a reward for the Spring Festival. Susan and I was happy because we both had got the money through labors.



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