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     84, Charing Cross Roadby Helen Hanff
    192 pages.  Little BrownUKvia LBS.$10. 36
    Hanff was in search of classic British literature titles that she had been unable to find in New York City when she noticed an ad in Saturday Review of Literature. She first contacted the shop in 1949 and it fell to Doel to fulfil her requests.  In time,a long-distance friendship developed in the form of twenty-year correspondence(通信)between the two and between Hanff and other staff members as well, with an exchange of Christmas packages, birthday gifts and food parcels to help  with the post-World War II food shortages in Britain.
     Fool by Christopher Moore
     311 pages.  William Morrow.  $ 26. 99
     In Fool Christopher Moore takes on Shakespeare, with a retelling of "King Lear" through the  eyes of Lear's fool named Pocket. The plot and cast of characters are borrowed more or less from the original, with several Mooreian additions - a second fool, named Drool, and a refrain(叠句)that could come in handy for any adapter of Shakespeare, "There's always a bloody ghost".
     A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
     372 pages. Bloomsbury.  $ 24. 93
     Mariam is only fifteen when she is sent to Kabul to marry rough Rasheed, who is thirty years her senior.  Nearly two decades later, in a climate of growing unrest, tragedy strikes fifteen-year-old Laila, who must leave her home and join Mariam's unhappy household.  Laila and Mariam are to find comfort in each other to struggle against starvation, cruelty and fear in a desperate life.  Their friendship grows as deep as the bond between sisters and as strong as the ties between mother and daughter.
     cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
     541 pages.  Knopf.  $ 26. 95
     Like his main character, Marion Stone, Abraham Verghese is a doctor born inEthiopiawho immigrated to theUnited States. Marion and his twin brother, Shuva, were left alone at birth when their mother died, and their father, a doctor, disappeared. Fleeing an act of political violence, Marion lands in New York, at a charity hospital called Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, where the events that happen force him to face his past.
1.Which two books mainly focus on friendship?
A.Fool and Cutting for Stone.
B.84 ,Charing Cross Road and Fool.
C.Fool and A Thousand Splendid Suns.
D.84, Charing Cross Road and A Thousand Splendid Suns.
2.Which book is the best choice to learn more about "King Lear"?
A.84, Charing Cross Road.
C.A Thousand Splendid Suns.
D.Cutting for Stone.
3.What do we know about Shiva from the passage?
A.Mariam's husband.
B.Laila's mother.
C.Verghese's twin brother.
D.Marion's twin brother.
4.What can be inferred from the passage?
A.Fool is the thinnest book and costs the most.
B.Abraham Verghese was not born in theUSA.
C.Cutting for Stone is published by William Morrow.
D.A Thousand Splendid Suns is a book about history.

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Where should an adventurous tourist go? After you've done sightseeing in London, shopping in New York tasted the local food in Paris, and danced to your heart's content at the Brazilian carnival, where else can you go? What exotic  tourist destination awaits you?
Well, Antarctica sounds like the holiday of a lifetime! It's considered the last great wildness on Earth. Just a few scientists in research stations share the icy landscape with penguins and other animals which can cope with the low temperatures.
Tourism began in Antarctica in the 1950s and it's still small scale. About 37,000 tourists are expected there this season, but many won't even leave the boat.
The BBC's Juliet Rix visited the frozen continent and asked herself if she should be there at all, causing potential problems to such a sensitive environment. Her tour guide admitted that all visitors leave a footprint and they all go to the same places, the accessible coastline, which is also where the penguins and seals go to breed.
But some people believe that if carefully controlled, tourism can be good for Antarctica. It has no native population and it needs advocates. Visitors to the icy continent might be ready to support and even to fund its preservation. And they're likely to engage in the discussion about global warming, which has led to the melting of glaciers.
According to Rix, guidelines are followed when you're about to set foot in Antarctica and tourists have to disinfect(消毒) their boots to make sure no alien species are introduced.
And once on land, there's no eating or smoking. Rocks, bone fragments - nothing should be taken as a souvenir and nothing should be left behind.
Tourists fortunate enough to visit the    Antarctica must be aware that this is not their home and keep their fingers crossed that future generations will also be able to enjoy such breathtaking views.
1.What can we infer from the second paragraph?
A.The Antarctica has become the best place for people to travel
B.only scientists can be allowed to go to Antarctica
C.Antarctica is less affected by human activities
D.no animals can survive in Antarctica except penguins
2.Juliet Rix's travel in Antarctica mentioned in the fourth paragraph indicates that________.
A.governments should take measures to stop tourists from going to Antarctica
B.whether tourists should go to Antarctica or not should be considered carefully
C.the animals- habitat in Antarctica has been seriously affected by tourism
D.only journalists begin to pay attention to the environmental protection in Antarctica
3.What does the underlined word“disinfect” in the sixth paragaph prabably mean?

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Most heroes are not super. They don't  appear in comic books, on television,or in movies. They  just do what they believe needs to be done to make their world a better place. Bike Batman
is one of them. 
Bike Batman is a 30-year-old married engineer who lives in Seattle, Washington. He's a cyclist who also buys and sells bikes as a hobby.
About three years ago, he was looking for a bike for his wife. He found one on Craigslist, a  website where people list things they want to sell. As he often does, he also looked at Bike Index,
a popular website that allows users to register their bikes and post reports when they’re taken. The bike, which he was considering purchasing, clearly matched one reported stolen on Bike Index. Then he called the person who claimed to be the bike’s owner and arranged to meet him—supposedly to complete the sale. When the two men met, Bike Batman told the thief, “You’ve got two options. You can wait until a police officer gets here, or you can just get out of here.” You can imagine what the thief did.
After that first success, Bike Batman developed a safer routine. When he sees questionable bike ads on Craigslist, he cross-references the image with bikes reported on Bike Index. Once he has confirmed it with the owner, he arranges a meet-up with the thief and will call the Seattle police department so that officers can participate in the action. In more than half of the 22 cases in which he has got back and returned bikes, the thieves have been arrested. In one case, Bike Batman even helped a family recover a wide range of prized possessions that suspects had stolen during a home burglary.
His nickname came from a discussion with a police officer who suggested he be called “Robin Hood”. Since he wasn’t exactly stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, “Batman” seemed a better fit. The idea of a superhero punishing criminals feels pretty silly to him, but the main reason he continues his work is to keep up Seattle’s reputation as a friendly city.
1.Bike Batman is         .
A.a superhero.
B.a website manager.
C.a Seattle citizen.
D.a police officer.
2.What Bike Batman discovers a questionable bike, be willfirst         .
A.contact the owner of the stolen bike.
B.look up the bike's information on Bike Index.
C.lall the police department.
D.arrange to meet the thief.
3.Bike Batman help find the lost bikes  to         .
A.become famous.
B.help poor people.
C.punish bike thieves.
D.build a friendly city.
4.From the passage, we learn that        .
A.Bike Batman felt relieved to see the thieves arrested.
B.Bike Batman began his good deeds by accident.
C.the police failed to perform their duties.
D.the thieves refused to return the bikes.

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Scientists  have discovered why the Mona  Lisa's expression looks so different different  people different  times.     
For centuries,art lovers criticshave been confused  by and debated the Leonardo  Da Vinci painting's gaze slight  smile.    
But new  research from the University  of  California,San Francisco has shed__new__light on the shining and seemingly  changing face of the Mona  Lisa.
Through experiments, they  discovered that our emotions really do change how we see a neutral(不带感情色彩的)face.
Dr Erika Siegel and  her   colleagues study how our emotions change our perceptions( 感知) of the  world   around us —even when we aren't aware that something  has changed our feelings.     
This  relies on the modern  theory  of “the brain as in a predictive   organ, instead of a  reactive   one,”says Dr Siegel.   
In  other   words, “we have a lifetime of experience  and we  use those experiences predict  what we going to experiencenext.
We  all have one dominant(占支配地位的)eye and  one  more passive non -dominant one. If each eye is receiving  different information, we only consciously perceive what dominant one sees. But non-dominantsights can still enter our subconscious.  
They  showed  43 people two sets flashing  images simultanenously,so that the dominant  eye saw registered  neutral expressions, while non-dominant eye “saw”flashes  of neutral,or smiling  faces, which would   only subconsciously After  be aware of.
After viewing flashing  faces, the researchers  showed be participants   options  of faces and asked them  to pick out  which  ones hadseen.
When their non-dominant eyes had seen happy  face,they  were  more likely to think the  neutral   face had actually been smiling, and  the  same was true for other expression.
This means that “if  you  see Mona  Lisa after you  have just had a  screaming  fight with your   husband, you're going to see the painting  differently.”says  Dr Siegel.
“But if you're  having the time of your  life at the Louvre,you're going to see  the mysterious  smile,” she adds.  
“We are the  architects of our  own experience. Our brain makes predictions about what it expects to see and uses  information from the world to  updateits expectations,” Dr  Siegel says.
1.What is the purpose of Dr Siegel5 s research?
A.To discover why people perceive the same thing differently.
B.To help appreciate the Mena Lisa.
C.To win a dehate.
D.To tell a smiling face from a neutral face.
2.Which of the following is the closest in meaning to "shed new light" in Paragraph 3 ?
A.Made something bright.
B.Prided new explanations.
C.Added light-colored paints.
D.Increased amomount of natuural light.
3.Why did the researchers show the participants two sets of flashing images?
A.To play a game.
B.To pick out their dominant and non-dominant eyes.
C.To lengthen the effect of the non-dominant eyes.
D.To provide images of more expressions.
4.Which of the following can be the beat title for the text?
A.Effects of Emotions
B.Swing h Miring
C.A Mysisterious Rescareh
D.Is Mdna Lisa Smiling?

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根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。 选项中有两项为多余选项。
    The science of papermaking addresses the methods, equipment, and materials used to make paper andcardboard, these being used widely for printing, writing, and packaging. Today almost all Paper is manufacturedusing industrial machinery.①.
    The method of manual papermaking changed very little over time, despite advances in technologies.②.SeParate the useful fibre from the rest of raw materials. Beat down the flbre into pulp(纸浆) . Adjust the colour,chemical, biological, and other properties of the paper. Screening(筛) the resulting liquid. Pressing and drying toget the actual paper.
   ③. It is made of stainless materials and set in a wooden frame similar to that of a window. Thencompletely bathe it in the liquid vertically and draw it out horizontally. Excess water is removed and the wet matof fibre laid on top of a damp cloth. The fairly damp fibre is then dried. Finally, the paper is then cut to thedesired shape and packed.
    The wooden frame is called a “deckle”(定纸框)④. The “deckle edges” is one of the indications that thepaper was made by hand. Deckle-edged paper is occasionally mechanically imitated today to create theimpression of old-fashioned luxury.
   ⑤. It is also used in paper mills to check the quality of the production process. The “handsheets” madeaccording to TAPPI Standard T 205 are tested for paper characteristics such as brightness, strength and degree ofsizing.
A. Screening the fibre involves using a special net
B. The process of papermaking is really complicated
C. It leaves the edges of the paper slightly irregular and wavy
D. Handmade paper is prepared in laboratories to study papermaking
E. However, traditional papermaking in Asia uses the inner skin fibers of plants
F. The process of manufacturing handmade paper can be generalized into five steps
G. But handmade paper is still appreciated for its distinctive uniqueness and the skilled craft

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At the very young age of six, my Life was thrown into a downward  spiral(旋涡)of constant pain, surgeries,sadness and deprasion, I was a car    1     on my way home, being  hit by a truck. My left leg get     2     between the wheels.I was left with an exposed bone, lots of pain and the     3     memories of  those few moments,which werr  forever     4     in ray mind.
At first I spent a  year and half in the     5     .I had dressings every Friday  and     6     nights  and days. I'm  sure most of you don't know this  because I've  probably  never     7    this with anyone. People have questioned  so  many times and I eveptually got     8    ; I just wore clothes that could       9     my leg. I couldn't do this in school because we had a     10     and of course I  was bullied by some and called names,     11    in primary school.
Scars shouldn't   define  a person. My scars are my proof (证明)of my     12     . Many years later I have changed-I began to love and  accespt myself. I      13     what I want and I am happy myself myself. I have always risen  above my  circumstance and my      14     has never stopped me from pursuing (追求)my dreams.It may have     15     me down but it never took my     16     away.
You don't know what I've     17     but I have been and  continue  to be     18     for being myself,so when you see me     19    ,don't be quick to judge.Just be glad for me because I'm definitely     20    .I am more than my leg and I am more than what people choose to see.
1.A.exhibition    B.accident    C.trip    D.company
2.A.operated    B.examined    C.trapped    D.lost
3.A.silly    B.terrifying    C.fonfttanl    D.brief
4.A.plantel    B.forgotten    C.destroyed    D.changed
5.A.waiting room    B.hospital    C.school    D.bedroom
6.A.strange    B.raid    C.lonely    D.painful
7.A.strange    B.raid    C.lonely    D.painful
8.A.fed up    B.worn out    C.cheered up    D.knocked out
9.A.protect    B.cover    C.decorate    D.warm
10.A.lesson    B.class    C.uniforn    D.teacher
11.A.personally    B.formally    C.especially    D.luckily
12.A.knowledge    B.strength    C.shortcoming    D.illness
13.A.drink    B.watch    C.wear    D.buy
14.A.hand    B.eye    C.mouth    D.leg
15.A.wrote    B.pushed    C.slewed    D.cut
16.A.life    B.hope    C.health    D.money
17.A.gone through    B.talked about    C.cared for    D.handed in
18.A.cheated    B.followed    C.quetioned    D.loved
19.A.araile    B.sleep    C.die    D.drive
20.A.sorry    B.disappointed    C.proud    D.happy

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Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for the body.But 
exercise is also one of the most effective ① (way)to imporove your mental health.Regular exercise can have a profoundly poitive influence ②  depression,anxiety,and more.It also relieves street ,③ (help)you sleepbetter,and makes you feel happy.Research indicates that no matter how old you are or how fit you are,you can learn to use exercise as a ④ (power)tool to feel better.
Sure,exercise can imporove your physical health,improve your waisrline,⑤ even add years to your life.So people who exercise ⑥ (regular)teed to do so because it give them an enormous sense of well-being.They feel more energetic throughout the day,sleep ⑦  (well)at night,have sharper memories ,and feel more relaxed and positive about ⑧(they)and their lives.And it's also powerful medicine for many mental health challenges.
Wondering just how active you need to be to get a mental health boost?It's probably not as you think.You don't need ⑨  (devote)hours out of your busy day,train at the gym,or run mile.You can gain all ⑩physical and mental health benefits of exercise with 30-minute of moderate five times a week.Two 15-minute or even three 10-minute exercise sessions can also work just as well.

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I got up lately yesterday because my alarn  clock didn't ling. With no time for the   breakfast, I rushed out of  my house. I had intended to catch 7:30 subway, and I didn't make it. Have a little time ieft ,I take  a taxi  instead. I arrived at the school only find, with  great sadness mixed with some relief, that the sctool where should have been full of students was empty.It was Saturday. Hovever, our ill luck showed  no sign of coming at the end.When I returned home, I found myself lock out. I had forgotten  to bring the key. Just my luck!

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假设你是高三学生李华,写信建议你的美国朋友Tom参加爱21世纪学生英文报(21st Century  Teens) 为外国人举办的2018“最美中国(Amazing China)手机摄影大赛。信的内容包括:
Dear Tom,
Li Hua



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